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Best Tree Services

Trees can enhance your home’s curb appeal and improve property value. However, they can be dangerous and must be maintained properly. It is important to choose a professional tree service for this high-risk work.

To find the best tree services, start by asking friends and neighbors for recommendations. Then, evaluate companies based on their reputation, experience, and insurance.


You can find a reliable tree service company by checking their reputation on Houzz. Look for companies with a high customer satisfaction rating and excellent reviews. You should also check out their experience, pricing, and insurance coverage to ensure they are the best fit for your needs. Some tree services may work in conjunction with landscape professionals to create a complete garden design.

Keylor Tree Service assists property owners in New York City with their yard maintenance and improvement needs. Its crew conducts regular pruning and trimming to prevent branches from hitting power lines or encroaching on neighboring properties. They can also remove trees that are dying due to termites or disease. Additionally, they remove trees that are too close to sidewalks, water lines, or property foundations.

A reputable New York tree service company will provide clients with a detailed inspection of the property before starting any work. They will determine the condition of the trees and recommend solutions to help them retain their beauty and health. In addition, they will clean up the debris and stumps from the site once the job is completed.


A good tree service will provide a thorough inspection of your property and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your trees. This will help you avoid costly repairs in the future and ensure that your trees remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing. The company should be licensed and insured for your protection. It should also offer a free estimate to all clients. If you find the price of a tree service too high, ask for a discount. You can also save money by maintaining your trees regularly and taking steps to prevent damage from storms or pests.

When selecting a tree service, it is important to choose one that has extensive experience and knows how to treat different types of trees. You should also look for a company that uses modern equipment and practices, such as thinning and crown cleaning. This will help your trees grow healthy and strong, and it will also improve your curb appeal.

Aside from pruning, a quality tree service will trim your shrubs and hedges. This will keep them looking good, and it will also promote healthy growth and help reduce your water bill. Additionally, a well-trained crew can handle more difficult tasks like removing large trees and stump grinding.

You should also choose a company that provides emergency services, as these are very useful in the case of a storm. It is important to choose a company that will respond to your call quickly and send their team to your home right away. They should have the proper equipment to remove damaged or fallen trees and will make sure that your property is clean after they are finished.

The experienced staff at Woody Woodpecker can provide professional tree removal and stump grinding, as well as provide other landscaping and maintenance services. The company’s technicians have years of industry experience and are fully licensed and insured. They are committed to delivering the highest quality of work to their customers and providing them with 24-hour emergency tree service.

Before hiring a tree service, ask them if they follow industry standards and if they are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. It is also a good idea to ask about their safety procedures, including the use of personal protective equipment. Also, check if they have insurance coverage for workers’ compensation and property damage liability.


The tree service industry is a high-risk business, and the right insurance is crucial. It should include workers’ compensation, general liability, and professional liability insurance. Ideally, the policy should specifically mention tree work coverage because it protects customers and employees in case of damage caused by the company’s work. The tree service should also have commercial property insurance, which covers the building and equipment used by the company. This includes chainsaws, stump grinders, and other tools. Inland marine insurance is also a must, as it protects the tools and equipment from theft or damage during transport.

The right tree service should be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance that lists the company name, the policy number, and the financial limits. You should also ask for the contact information of the insurance agency so that you can call them and verify that the policy is still active. Some companies have been known to produce fake certificates, so it’s important to be vigilant when vetting them.

In addition to general liability insurance, the best tree services should have workers’ compensation insurance to cover injuries sustained by their employees. If a worker is injured on the job, this insurance will cover medical expenses and lost wages. The company should also carry commercial auto insurance to protect itself against damage or loss resulting from accidents that happen while working on the road.

You should also check whether a tree service has a surety bond, which is required by some clients. Often, these bonds are for $100,000. It is also a good idea to buy a business protection policy that includes employee dishonesty coverage and computer fraud coverage.

Lastly, the tree service should have commercial property and auto insurance to cover the cost of replacing damaged or stolen equipment. It should also have a professional liability policy, which provides coverage against claims for damages arising from the negligence or poor advice provided by the company.

You should choose a company that offers tailored coverage for arborists, such as Allstate’s tree removal insurance. This policy includes general liability, professional liability, and commercial auto. It also covers the costs of repairing or replacing expensive tools and equipment. It can also cover the losses resulting from natural disasters, such as tornadoes and hurricanes.


Keeping trees healthy with regular trimming and other care can save money in the long run, especially when dealing with invasive pests. It also makes sense to get a quote from a tree service specialist at the earliest sign of damage or problems, rather than waiting for things to worsen. Homeowners can also save money by calling for a quote during the offseason, when prices are lower.

The price of a tree service varies depending on the type and extent of work required. A thorough inspection by an arborist or other tree professional can cost up to $150. This includes an assessment of the tree’s condition, its root health, and whether it needs any additional treatments or watering. The location of the tree can sway the price as well. A tree that’s entangled in other plants or close to power lines can require extra labor and equipment. Unhealthy or dead trees can be more expensive to remove than healthy ones.